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Know Your Inheritance Rights!

· Webinar

Everyone in the world needs a Will to protect their assets and legacy. A measure that is undertaken to protect families or heirs of their assets, investments and securing the future of your loved ones. This webinar was for single expatriates, families with assets, owners of a company or part-owners of a family business. 
Foreign law specialist and Eurojuris Board Member Ramona Kersebaum from Germany, along with Asiajuris lawyers Christine Koo (Hong Kong) and Naveen Indrakanti (UAE) and ) discussed the different law systems in Germany, UAE and China, sharing practical insights and covering:

1. Overview of Inheritance law, real estate law and family law in Germany, UAE and China
2. Wills and registration processes in these territories
3. How to plan ahead and secure assets and legacy
4. Q&A session



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