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Eurojuris International Virtual Tea Time

· Virtual Event

Thank you all for attending! This was a very good kick-off into the new year 2021. We have left the old year behind us but the despite the fact that we can see some light at the tunnel Covid-19 remains a disturbing reality and will probably continue to keep us busy for some part of the year. It is still unclear whether and when we will be able to organize a physical meeting.

For Eurojuris International the social aspects have always been essential. The personal relationships that are a consequence of meeting “the face behind the voice” are the backbone of our network.

The “Eurojuris International Virtual Tea Time” will be established as a recurring event and is meant to give you some time for catching up with each other, for exchanging thoughts, sharing your ideas for the network or just to have a pleasant conversation with interesting people. You will have the opportunity to speak together in small groups on virtual tables. Of course, you can change to other tables after a while and speak to the colleagues there.

We are planning to organize the “Eurojuris International Virtual Tea Time” every two or three months during the pandemic and – if you like it – even after we have overcome the current situation.

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